About Me

Most people assume I’ve always been excellent at managing time and keeping my stress levels in check. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In a previous chapter of my life, back when I worked as an Emmy Award winning TV news anchor and journalist, my life was a never-ending hamster wheel of stress.

“I don’t have time” was the sentence I uttered most frequently, followed by, “Sorry, I’m running late.”

I had a serious time shortage problem, and no idea how to solve it.

When your stress levels remain dangerously elevated for too long, there are consequences. Years of frenzied busyness took a toll on my health.

Eventually, I reached my breaking point and decided to leave the fast-paced world of TV journalism at the height of my career. I would spend time at home with the kids.

The Journey

I figured leaving my job would solve my stress and time issues. It didn’t. If anything, things got even worse.

As a full time parent, I fell right back into my old patterns. Rather than reinventing myself, I merely created yet another hamster wheel of busyness. And, instead of savoring the joys of motherhood, I felt busier and more exhausted than ever.

That’s when my journalistic curiosity kicked in.

Why does this keep happening to me? Why do I always feel stressed and fried to a crisp? Why does it feel like there’s never enough time…and is that actually true?

My journey to find answers unfolded into an entirely new career, not to mention, a new way of life.

Today, as a stress and time management specialist, author, master certified coach, keynote speaker, and educator, I’m on a mission to help you:

  • Accomplish more of what matters in less time.
  • Stop hurting your body with destructive stress.
  • Get your brain working for you, not against you.

Why Me?

I work with Fortune 500 and 100 companies like Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Purina, Edward Jones, Graybar Electric, and many others. 

I also work 1:1 with individual clients who are ready to break old patterns and find relief.

You can be wildly successful without stressing or burning yourself out. I can show you how.

Hire me, and you’ll walk away believing something that previously seemed impossible, or ridiculous: There is enough time.

Here are the programs I offer for companies, teams, and individuals. I’d be honored to work with you, and help you create an entirely new relationship with time. 

Life will never feel the same.

Got time for a little more?

10 quick facts about my life and work:

  1. I’m the author of There’s Not Enough Time…And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves which debuted as a bestseller on Amazon.
  2. I’m currently writing my second book, examining fresh ideas on stress and success.
  3. My very first job was de-tasseling corn.
  4. I have interviewed multiple presidents and first-ladies—if you count shouting questions during the Iowa caucuses as interviewing.
  5. I was a guest on the Geraldo Rivera show in the 90s and it was a train wreck.
  6. I have been married since 1992 to a really cool, funny and interesting guy.
  7. We have 2 funny and interesting daughters (one grown and flown and the other in college). They are the quickest witted and wisest women.
  8. While I no longer work in TV broadcasting, I’m still a journalist to the core. I love interviewing experts, poring over research, fact checking, and hunting for evidence to back up claims. I’m all about data.
  9. Yes, I still experience stress. But these days, I know how to manage my brain to keep my stress at the optimum levels. I’m not perfect (who is?) but always improving.
  10. My clients report being more focused, more productive, more efficient, and just plain calmer, happier, and more motivated. Some tell me it’s the most valuable investment they’ve ever made.