How to Move Beyond Busy into Powerful Productivity

Everyone can figure out how to be crazy busy. This program teaches you how to be powerfully productive, and helps you understand the difference.

Based on principles from my bestselling book, There’s Not Enough Time…and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, I’ve brought this program to thousands of employees, and it remains one of my most-requested presentations of all time.


With Reclaim Your Time, attendees walk away with:

  • Clear understanding of how to make your brain work for you instead of against you when you’re under pressure, working on a tight deadline, or any high stakes situation.
  • Simple daily habits to help you focus and bring your brain into the ideal state for productivity.
  • Strategies for staying energized and successful over the long haul.
  • A plan to step off the hamster wheel and into real progress, creating new habits that stick.
  • And, for leaders in the group, insights on how to lead by example and become a positive time and stress management influencer.


This program can be delivered in Keynote, Seminar, Workshop, or Webinar format, and can be tailored in 45, 60, 90 minute and half-day versions, depending on your needs.


I price each program individually depending on the size of the group, travel time, and other factors.


If you’re interested in bringing the Reclaim Your Time program to your team or company, please contact us. Thank you!