I had a big project due for a big corporate client.

I was (understandably) irritated with my family for having needs like hunger and thirst, and for requiring a licensed driver (me) to transport them to the things I made them attend.

I was exhausted (understandably) because my racing mind interrupted my sleep. I was not exercising (naturally) because there was too much to do, and I was too wired and too tired. My focus was (understandably) very scattered. 

I was so busy. 

So, so, so, so (understandably) busy. 

Just not very productive (understandably.)

I wasn’t achieving much (naturally) that mattered.


If I was so busy, why the hell wasn’t I getting more done?

What the HELL was I so busy about?!?!

That moment may have been the first time in my life I had questioned, even for a microsecond, the way I got stuff done. That moment of self-doubt changed the course of my life.

My “understandably’s” revealed deeply ingrained beliefs about stress and productivity. 

I believed to the core of my being, without question, that the price of admission for getting stuff done was anxiety, frustration, and irritation with others—especially with those closest to me. My lack of focus, interrupted sleep, no time for exercise, or self-care were all just typical results of being a good busy American woman. I thought I was just doing my job.  

I didn’t make these beliefs up. The world had pounded that message into my head for a very, very, long time. 

I see it all the time with my clients. No matter how accomplished or smart they are, my clients are convinced they have to be stressed out, frazzled, and frustrated with life if they want to accomplish anything. 

Unfortunately, that belief is costing them health, well-being, relationships, and so much more. 

They are so tired of it all. 

Maybe you are, too?

Stress is our culture’s preferred fuel for getting stuff done.

The problem? Stress and anxiety are very lousy power sources—actually, the worst.

Are you ready to explore how you can be successful without being stressed out and burned out? Good. You are in the right place.

Browse and explore this IDEAS section for new takes on stress and success.

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